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School Counseling

School Counseling at Jie Ming

School counselors: Building better humans

What is School Counseling?

A school counselor is a certified/licensed educator that is uniquely qualified to address the developmental needs of all students through a school counseling program. School counselors focus efforts on addressing the academic growth, social/emotional development, and career awareness of all students through classroom lessons, small group facilitation, and individual counseling sessions. School counselors can also help educate parents and familes, and aid in navigating through resources available to our students within the community.

What does School Counseling look like at Jie Ming?

At Jie Ming, we want all students to be successful, happy, and able to achieve their goals. Our school counselor provides services that address the three domains of student development: academic, college/career, and personal/social. There are three ways that our school counselor provides those services:

Classroom lessons: The school counselor delivers lessons to every classroom at Jie Ming throughout the year. These lessons introduce students to topics like bullying prevention, identifying feelings, friendship, problem solving, personal safety, goal setting, and college and career exploration. All curriculum is aligned to SPPS Core Counseling Curriculum and designed to meet district learning targets related to social and emotional learning. School counselors also introduce students to Xello, the district's program to support students in developing a personal learning plan.

Small group counseling: Small group counseling allows students with similar needs to connect with each other and grow as a group! Small groups typically meet once per week for 6-10 weeks and sometimes address topics such as family change, anxiety, academic development, emotion regulation, and growth mindset, among others. These opportunities allow students to see that they are not alone and to practice their skills with their peers. Teachers, school staff, or families can refer students for small group participation.

Individual counseling: Students can meet with the counselor individually for support. These sessions are brief in nature and not intended to replace individual therapy for youth. School counselors work with students to develop positive coping skills, process family change or grief and loss situations, learn emotion management techniques, and problem solve.

Jie Ming Counseling Department Vision

Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion students are healthy, resilient, and successful citizens of their community, society, and world. They are problem-solvers and advocates who demonstrate commitment and dedication to achieving their dreams and lifting others up along the way. Students are respectful, responsible, diligent, and express healthy self-control. They make themselves, their families, and their communities proud with their caring and compassionate approach to others and their determination to pursue the post-secondary opportunities and careers to which they aspire.

Jie Ming Counseling Department Mission

The data-driven school counseling program at Jie Ming Mandarin Immersion Academy advocates for all students to access bilingual and multicultural learning that supports their academic, social-emotional, and career development, inspiring students to think critically, pursue their dreams and change the world.

Counselor: Kristen Berkas (Kindergarten & Grade 1)

Counselor: Melissa Hansen (Grades 2-5)
Phone: Office - 651-744-5799 or Text - 651-252-1803 

First page of the PDF file: SPPSElementaryCoreCounselingObj2019-20docx